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Do you want to watch the latest movies and series online? A platform like Netflix, Prime, or any other paid sites to watch favorite movies and tv series, but here you can enjoy the same film on 123 Movies, Fmovies, and other free sites.


However, buying a premium account is not a good deal in this modern era. There is some excellent online platform from where you will enjoy the movies free of cost. Though it may take a while to get a useful link and wait a bit to download from that site, ultimately, it will save your monthly subscription fees and everything.

This article will give you some real and fantastic sites to enjoy watching movies online without spending a single dime. We will go through each area and let you know about the process and how you can enjoy their contents. No matter what, we will show you how to enjoy online movie streaming sites free of cost.

Also, buying a Netflix subscription will give you some extra facilities, but you can enjoy another platform free if you give a little effort. But the process is different from one single platform to another. However, it’s time to explore them. After that, you can have a good time ahead with so many alternatives to replace your Netflix account.

Best websites for free Movies

We already talked about the importance and a brief introduction to the free websites of free movies. Free movies are not free in that sense. We want to make sure you can still watch your favorite movies without Netflix and other paid sites. That’s what we’re going to solve in this article.

the top 6 websites that are entirely free of cost to watch movies

They are:

123 Movies






All these sites are famous. They are just one step ahead of you, nothing else. Whatever, we are going to write on them. Just hold your breath and read about the sites, and find the best suitable one for you. Not every site will suit you, but you could indeed find your own from here after reading this content.

We pick up those sites from our own experiences. So you’re going to get the practical knowledge. Besides, there you find the most used places for watching free movies. Without any further description, let’s dive in.

123 movies

One of the best free movie sites on the internet is 123 movies. You cannot make a free movie site list without this fantastic platform.

123 movies is a top-rated platform, and it is hosted from Vietnam. It was in some trouble to serve worldwide, but it’s still running up, and people are enjoying watching movies on 123.

Now let’s talk about its features. Well, 123 movies will give you the most comfortable search bar. It would help if you searched a particular film there, and then you will be glad to see the movie’s IMDB rating, release year, genre, and other things. This feature is insanely popular. And this is extremely useful to every movie lover.

Moreover, 123 movies is an excellent video streaming site. You can watch the live stream and download it as well if you need it. At the same time, you can choose your preferable genre and look for a particular movie. 123 movies will help you to find out the exact movie. And you can quickly get the download link and go through it. Then done, download it and enjoy watching the film. That’s how 123 movies work.

The front page will give you some stuff like top rated movies on IMDB, most famous films, and so on. These features help people get some ideas about the trend. Also, you will get to know the interface quickly. There is no secret.

However, the official 123 movies site is not working. But the cloned area is offering the same content. And you will enjoy it too. You even don’t have to subscribe to the site to watch. Instead, you can watch H.D. videos.


Another most useful solution for watching movies free online. It has some excellent features that help this platform be the most popular one among the others.

Being the most extensive and safest site, Putlocker has earned its popularity all over the world. Although it was based in the U.K., people from every corner of the world currently use this fantastic site to watch movies. Besides, it has tv shows as well. And that adds that extra value to the viewers.

No matter what torrent site you use, Putlocker always offers you the top-rated movies, top rated tv shows, and thousands of other categories as well. And you will get the new movies and series from here. This feature is a game-changer. However, Putlocker will not fall you into a dissatisfied world.

Putlocker earns its popularity by serving the right People the right movies. And eventually, people spend two and a half-hour on average at this site, and that’s what helps Putlocker to be in the top 250 sites. This site is fantastic.

Putlocker uses lots of different hosting servers for pirated content. And it has some legal issues with the Putlockers. But still, people are using it from everywhere without any problem. But as it is hosted from the U.K., people have opened some unwanted domains and find out their exact link. That’s the only barrier here.

Also, the interface is very responsive and user friendly. You don’t need to put your hardcore effort to understand the options. You will experience smooth video streaming with H.D., HD-RIP, BluRay, and Cam qualities.


Soap2Day is another movie streaming site from where you can download your Movies. It has a dangerous place. While watching videos, you will experience some annoying ads. Other than that, it’s an excellent site. You will find a vast collection of movies there. There is a free subscription method. You can subscribe to the site and get updated movie information and other issues. It will help you to get the movie more easily and comfortably.

This platform started the journey in 2006. And it got fame and popularity pretty much instantly. Because at that time, there was a scarcity of free online movie sites. A bit today, they have four different websites, but the locations are unknown. And now you can enjoy the Tv shows as well. There are no restrictions or any hardcore riles to follow.

On those sites, you will get the opportunity to watch movies and tv shows completely free. There is no secret or hidden cost. You will enjoy the unlimited streaming. All you need is a pc and an internet connection. Then you’re good to go. Soap2Day will give you endless movies and tv shows to kill your time.

There is another useful feature in soap2day movies. If you don’t find any particular movie there, you can request the admin to ask them to stream the film. And they will respond. This thing is handy. Thus it will save you time.


Are you looking for a site where you don’t need to open an account and do a monthly or weekly subscription? It would help if you went for the Solarmovie. It will save you time and let you enjoy movies, tv shows and a lot more. And you will get the latest movies and plays there. Just search on Google and find out their URL. That’s it. Nothing much.

After a successful landing on the front page, click on anywhere. And you will see a box where you need to sign up with your email and passwords. That is it. You can enjoy watching the movies right after your sign up. You can watch any genre’s movies.

You can check the movie list and enjoy watching any one of them. At the same time, you can search for any keywords and find out the actual movie you’re looking for. This feature is straightforward. After finding your film, you need to click on the play button and be done; you can sit comfortably and have some popcorn in front of you and enjoy your mini cinema hall.

Solarmovie has a barrier. If you want to enjoy watching movies, you have to have a P.C. or laptop along with a good internet broadband connection. Otherwise, you cannot watch movies on Mobile. And also, you need the latest version of windows (7/8/10) installed on your pc.


This platform is a perfect movie streaming site. Why not? It has the feature of either watching the movie or downloading it for later watch. Both the options are highly appreciated also you will get the latest movies, tv shows, web series and everything from Bollywood to Hollywood. That is where it stands out among the thousands of other free movie sites. And people love those features immensely. You will get different language movies too.

Gomovies has some other names too. If you remember Memories or GoStream, they are the ancestors of the Gomovies. So you find the interface very interesting and user friendly also. Do you know why they changed their name again and again? For the sake of legal issues. So, people all over the world find the sites a great one for movies.

In Gomovies, you will find three different sections. One is for the latest movies, another is for the latest episodes, and the last one is for the latest tv shows. And you will enjoy every sector. And also if you don’t find your desired one, you can search for them.

Gomovies has some similar sites. Like it has Gomovies. Cool and Gomovies. mx. And it has no difference. So it doesn’t matter which one you’re using. You get all the latest movies and similar content everywhere.


This website is another excellent free movie site. And this is a good substitute for Putlockers or Solarmovies. You will enjoy the easy interface and well-rich movie list and tv shows and everything. It will surely help you to let you entertain yourself. And this became popular after the 123movies website.

Yesmovie doesn’t require any registration. You can go to the site, find your favorite genre, and enjoy watching them for free. However, there are genres like horror, romantic, thriller, and many others. You need to find out your Favorite one. And this is very easy to use. Also, it has the right combination of old and new. That means you will find the old movies and the latest ones in the same place. You can search for the old one and click the play button. That’s all you need, nothing much.

Also, it has a customized movie watch option. That means if you don’t find your desired movie or tv show, you can reach out to the admin and ask for your demand. Eventually, they will respond to your reply and let you enjoy the movies without any further delay.

And all those features make this site highly popular. And fame is incredible. Yesmovie is an excellent free movie site that will offer you endless movies, tv shows, web series, and whatnot? Easy to use is one of the foremost exciting factors here. Also, you don’t get to worry about anything.

Why everyone loves free movie websites

A platform like Netflix, prime, and other expensive movie sites will not offer you the latest movies or series. It would help if you waited for a long time to enjoy the fresh movies though they give a standard subscription. Here stand the free movie websites.

A well known or good free movie site will offer you the best online streaming experience. It will also give you the chance to enjoy the latest movies and tv shows, even web series. Also, you will enjoy the different language movies and enjoy the different cultures too.

Free websites will offer the most out of it. Also, there are some barriers that you need to face while watching. First of all, you need to watch some irritating ads and bother them for a few seconds. But this will repeat now and then or every 5/10 minutes. After that, the downloading procedure will also irritate you. You may need to go through several sites to download a single movie. Sometimes, you find it very hard to get the proper download link. And unfortunately, you have to be patient there. In any other case, you can not download successfully. And you will end up with some frustration.

But not every single free website is complicated. Some of them are very easy to use, and it won’t irritate you in any way.

These are the main obstacles you may need to face. And it has no alternatives. Some sites have ads, but others have unlimited. You will find the best one if you go through this entire article. And see what suits you better.

Everyone knows these barriers. But still, they love to watch movies on free websites like 123 movies or Gomovies. And why not? You don’t need to invest a single penny or give any subscription fees. You need to have an email and put your password in the signup form. That’s it. You’re good to go watching free movies online. But some sites don’t even ask for the signup. You can enjoy it right after landing on the home page. That’s very easy.

Free movie websites are not entirely free. Yes, this is true that you don’t need to pay for it, but you need to bear the irritating ads and other things. There are no alternatives. You have to face them and make them a part of your movies. It would help if you took those aggravating factors quickly to enjoy the film with the best satisfaction. There is no secret to avoid those irritating ads.

You may find some ads blocker on the Google play store, but they might not work correctly. It will add an extra burden to your watching experiences. Who wants to add more complexity? No one.

However, we talked about the best six free websites where you can watch your favorite movies and tv series or anything else without spending any dime. We also go through each site’s negative and positive sides. There are no difficulties or rocket science to watch free online movies. You’ll also enjoy free movies or your favorite tv shows. Just make sure you pick up the right one that suits you better.


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